For many executives, business travel is a part of everyday life. When away on business for extended periods, quality accommodations can greatly enhance your team’s work and travel experience. At Churchill Living, we make it our goal that your employees feel At Home, Anywhere™.

But today’s American business travelers have very specific demands when choosing where to stay while travelling. At Churchill, our goal is to provide – and exceed – business traveler’s expectations, to maximize their satisfaction with us – and, by extension, their satisfaction with you!

10 Essentials Business Travelers Expect

  1. Location – The single most important feature business travelers demand is location. They want to be close to corporate headquarters or office training centers and they want to be in the center of the action in their temporary host city — with plenty of restaurants, bars and activities to keep them busy during off hours. 

  2. WiFi – Possibly more vital than location, these days having access to fast and free WiFi is crucial to business travelers. In fact, business travelers spend an average of 16 hours per day within WiFi range, making reliable and fast WiFi an essential.

  3. Parking & Proximity to Mass-Transit – Right along with location is the ability to get places fast or have easy, convenient access to their own car.

  4. Onsite Business Centers – Use of on-site fax machines, printers, scanners, even a desk and comfortable desk chair, make the task of working while away from home that much easier.

  5. The Feeling of Home – Comfortable beds, high-quality sheets and towels, ample closet space, full-length mirrors, laundry facilities, separate areas to work, sleep and dine, all help a traveler feel more at home in their temporary setting and more equipped to focus on their work day.

  6. Food Choices –Today’s business travelers are less likely to eat fast food, but also less likely to have time for 4-star dining, so they’re looking for quick and easy healthy dining options, like nearby grab-and-go bistros, and grocery stores for preparing familiar, more nutritionally-sound meals.

  7. Coffee – Believe it or not access to coffee is a huge priority for business travelers (perhaps a caffeine jolt is the only way to help kick off what’s likely to be a long day of work). Whatever the reason, business travelers want coffee nearby or better yet, inside their residence.

  8. Fitness Centers – Keeping fit while away from home helps maintain a sense of routine and normalcy for business travelers, making accessibility to a workout space a popular request.

  9. On-site Concierge – Package delivery, dry cleaning drop off/pick up, hassle-free check in — having a 24-hour point person helps keep life more manageable while away from home.

  10. Customer Service – When problems arise (which unfortunately they sometimes do), business travelers want to know that they have someone to turn to for help. Whether there is a question about a particular building amenity, the cable TV is out, or there’s an inquiry about extending their stay, a responsive and dedicated Customer Service member can take away worry and solve problems.   

Churchill Living – The solution providers.

Churchill is where savvy short-term housing decision makers (like you) go to find professionally decorated, furnished apartments in the most sought-after buildings across the nation and around the world. We have the processes and technology to do things better and more efficiently than the competition, making your job easier and less stressful.

And, since we know how to give business travelers exactly what they’re looking for, you can rest assured that our facilities include all of the features and amenities your team members are expecting… and more.