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10 Ways to Enjoy Traveling to NYC for Business

10 Ways to Enjoy Traveling to NYC for Business

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Find here 10 great tips on getting the most out of your NYC business trip!

You’ve probably heard that you should never mix business with pleasure. All the same, if you’re coming to New York City for business, there are plenty of ways to make your time in the Big Apple productive, inexpensive and fun. So how can you make sure you have the quintessential New York City experience without sacrificing your attention on the reason you came there in the first place? It’s easier than you might imagine. Below you’ll find 10 great tips on getting the most out of your NYC business trip from the team at Furnished Housing. 1. Locate a Taxi Quickly If this is your first trip to the area, you’ll likely be fascinated by the number of taxicabs available on the city’s streets – but only if you’re in the right location. Need some assistance on knowing where to go? The CabSense app analyzes and compiles data from thousands of New York City taxis to help you find a great spot for hailing a cab nearby so you won’t be left wandering. 2. Travel NYC like a Local Even if you’ve been to New York City before, getting from point A to point B can be a fairly complicated process if you don’t have a budget for endless cab fares or other transportation service providers. Fortunately, you can mitigate costs and confusion with the Exit Strategy app, which helps you determine the correct subways to take, and where to get off, in order to make it to your appointments on-time. 3. Discover Fine Dining Establishments Restaurants and eateries are aplenty in New York City, but finding somewhere to make an impression on clients and coworkers isn’t all that easy. Would you like to know where chefs such as David Chang and Mario Batali recommend eating in New York City? Then make sure you have the ChefsFeed app installed on your smartphone or tablet before setting up a reservation. It not only tells you what places to visit, but also helps you find the specific dishes you and your guests might be craving. 4. Unearth Individual Eating Options Not every meal you have in New York City is going to be with clients, so knowing where to go for an inexpensive and/or eclectic set of menu options is critical. And this is especially true if you consider yourself a foodie by any measure. With OpenTable, you get access to thousands of reviews on local NYC restaurants, as well as a way to see what’s on their menu and make reservations at the touch of a button. 5. Augment Your Business Attire Has it been a while since you updated your business wardrobe? Need some tips on how to stand out in New York City during your stay? Female travelers can get inspiration by following Krystal Bick on Instagram, who puts a modern spin on traditional business apparel. Men, on the other hand, should give Instagram’s Teaching Mens Fashiona follow, as they not only give advice on what to wear, but also offer consulting services and run a menswear shop online. 6. Explore Local Artistry Between meetings and restaurant visits, discovering all the magnificent works of art scattered throughout NYC might be difficult outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) without some assistance. To help find these out-of-the-way places, CultureNOW has developed an app that can point you to these sites, and even offers podcasts from the artists and architects themselves. 7. Take in Central Park While there’s a wide selection of things to do in New York City, Central Park alone deserves to be singled out as a must-see area for business travelers. As one of the most iconic locations in the Big Apple, Central Park’s 800+-acre grounds provide you with a great place for relaxation, people- and nature-watching, as well as numerous events and activities throughout the calendar year – and you can find all of them, including nearby points of interest, on the Central Park App (Update: link no longer available) . 8. Explore More New York Events One of the more well-known websites in New York City, Time Out New York Magazine  (Update: link no longer available) also offers an app designed for locals and travelers to the area. With the app comes detailed information on everything taking place in the Big Apple, including musical and dance performances, films, art exhibits, as well as comedic shows and theatrical presentations. 9. Enjoy the NYC Nightlife Billed as “The City That Never Sleeps”, New York City is never short of things to do overnight and into the wee hours of the morning. And though you have your pick of nightclubs and lounges scattered throughout the city, getting in the door and sat at a table can be next to impossible. With the Tablelist app, you can go right to the front of the line, avoiding cover charges and potentially getting complimentary concierge service to boot, along with securing a place among other VIPs. 10. Hang Out with Fans and Enthusiasts of All Kinds Even if you’re not coming in to NYC for a meeting, launch or premier, the Javits Center hosts some of the most important conventions in the world, which cater to nearly every interest you can imagine. For a list of what’s coming up, take a peek at their calendar. This could be a great opportunity to meet a few of your favorite celebrities or socialize with those who share the same pastime or hobby.

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