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Eat Smarter – A Healthy Food Takeout Spot

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Eat Smarter – A Healthy Food Takeout Spot

There’s a new healthy grub takeout restaurant in town called Darrow’s Farm Fresh Takeout — A healthy dinning spot that won’t hurt the wallet and will cater to your healthy food choices and cravings.  Located downtown on 18th Street between Park Avenue South and Irving Place in Union Square; It’s a cool, two-story space which feels more like a chic, rustic restaurant with house-made juices and grab-and-go meal options that serves an unmet need for individuals who want to eat smarter.  Dishes for vegans, Paleo, vegetarians and meat-eaters can have a delish meal and kale-infused cocktail to boot.  The menu consists of foods that are specific to promoting health benefits that provide energy, protein, antioxidants, detox and immunity.  They serve three meals, a simple breakfast, light lunch and dinner.  The “Functional Plates” are priced at $13.75 and “Darrow says they try to source as much from the local farmers market as possible and try to be organic”.  Check out First Taste Report:  Darrow's Farm Fresh Takeout and let us know what you think. FARM Fresh Churchill New York has New York corporate apartments  and Nationwide available whether your needs are short term or extended stay. Our award-winning customer service department is ready to assist you while we work hard to ensure you feel at home. Churchill also offers a wide range of furnishing styles from traditional to contemporary, all on flexible corporate rentals terms in NYC. For more information please contact us at 866-255-0593 or National@FurnishedHousing.com.
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