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Fun Winter Staycation Ideas

Fun Winter Staycation Ideas

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A few ideas you can use for your staycation!

The mention of a winter storm or blizzard brings thoughts of panic to some and to others it’s an opportunity to relax at home, cuddle up to a good book, movie (No Chores or Errands of course!) and enjoy your favorite comfort foods and snacks (least to say gain a million pounds but that’s for another topic).  But staying at home to forgo traveling to some warm sunny spot during the winter months can reap benefits.  You save money for one because the cost of travel (airfare, car rental, hotel stay, eating out and activities) can add up.  “Staycations” keep the money you spend local, helping benefit the people and businesses in your community AND you have an opportunity to beat the winter blues by discovering how much there is to do in your city, town or region.  Below are a few ideas you can use for your staycation: Winter Staycation Ideas Go Ice skating – The price of ice skate rental and admission is less than $12 on average.  Don’t know how to ice skate?  What a perfect time to learn – Children and Adult Classes are available at most if not all skate arenas year round. Snowmobiling or Cross-Country Skiing is a fun outdoor activity where you can see different parts of the region as a family, with a friend or on a date– The following links can be used as a resource to help you find hotels and lodging of Where to Snowmobile, Renting a Snowmobile and Where to Ski. Check out local performing arts centers for upcoming concerts, musicals, plays and galleries that are scheduled.  You might be pleasantly surprised that your favorite group or artist is in town. Indoor miniature golf and bowling is another possibility and easy on the budget. Splurge on pampering yourself at a local spa or if you live close to a nice hotel or casino book an overnight stay and spend the day lounging in the pool, hot tub or sauna, then off to a show and an evening of dancing. Take advantage of group buying daily deals sites like Groupon and Living Social to search for discounted deals to events, restaurants and indoor/outdoor activities. Churchill Corporate Housing is available across the Nation and in every major city. Take a look at our properties to find a location for your next extended stay.  We have options ranging from modest to the most extravagant budgets; our customer service department is ready to help you feel “At Home, Anywhere”.  For more information, please contact us at 866-255-0593 or

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