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Style Invitational Week 1109

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Style Invitational Week 1109

The Style Invitational is a humor/wordplay contest and this Invitational wants you to tell them some humorously untrue “facts” about Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area so here’s your opportunity to showcase your written talent and if selected your “Inkin” will be published in the Washington Post – “Style Invitational Ink of the Day”.  Click here to get the full scoop and get your submissions in by midnight tonight, Feb 9th!

Style Invitational Week 1109: Fictoids of Columbia — tell us some fake D.C. trivia

Plus Dead Letters — winning poems about the dearly (and not so dearly) departed of 2014

style invite

Churchill has corporate furnished apartments available in Washington, D.C. and Nationwide. For more information please contact us at 866-255-0593 or National@FurnishedHousing.com.
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